There's No Place Like Home

Join us as we click our heels together for this special evening to celebrate the many years Phil and Barbara Emmer, of Emmer Development Corporation, have contributed to affordable housing in southeast Gainesville.


Warner Brothers celebrates the 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz by partnering with Habitat for Humanity to launch a year-long campaign called "There's No Place Like Home." The campaign takes it's name from Dorothy's most famous line, giving it real life meaning, and encouraging communities all around the world to pay it forward.


This year's signature event "There's No Place Like Home," will take place on November 14th at Rembert Farms in Alachua.


Individual tickets are still for sale for $75 each. You can also sign up to be a sponsor.


For more information and other event details, follow the yellow brick road to the "There's No Place Like Home" Facebook Event Page

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September 11th Day of Service and Remembrance

Alachua Habitat for Humanity is proud to plan and execute its second annual Sept. 11 memorial event. Join us as we recognize the sacrifice of those lost and injured in the 2001 terrorist attacks, and pay tribute to the many that rose in service in response to the attacks. 

Ultimately, we want something positive to come from the sacrifices made. As Americans all over the United States, we want to forever remember and keep alive the spirit of unity that arose in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. 

This year we are working collaboratively with the University of Florida Habitat Student Chapter to host a public Day of Remembrance on the University of Florida Campus at the J. Wayne Reitz Union Breezeway. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear keynote speakers such as State Representative Keith Perry, Captain Bill Pokorny, and more. 

We hope to see you there!

WHEN: Thursday, September 11 at 12 p.m.
WHERE: J.Wayne Reitz Union Breezeway

A two-day “Brush with Kindness” service project will follow the event, which encourages volunteers to come together to refurbish two homes. You can sign up now to participate in this day of service. Learn more... Continue Reading

Texas Roadhouse Fundraiser

To find out more information about this fundraiser, check out the Facebook event page or refer to the invitation.

Interfaith Potluck Dinner

Please join us in celebrating the launch of the next Interfaith Build! For more information about Interfaith Builds, click here. For more information about this Potluck dinner, check out the Facebook page or invitation.

September 11th National Day of Service and Remembrance



A Day of Service project dedicated to this Day of Remembrance will follow on Friday and Saturday at a designated Habitat for Humanity location.                 


Join us as we unite in a spirit of unity, patriotism and compassion.

This year on the days leading up to and the day after September 11th, 2013 Americans of all ages and backgrounds will participate in activities to pay tribute to 9/11 victims and heroes and honor their memory by joining together in service projects to meet community needs. We offer you an opportunity to both reflect and serve.

Why Serve on the 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance?

Following the September 11th terrorist attacks, Americans united in a remarkable spirit of patriotism and compassion. Given the tragedy and heroism associated with 9/11, family members believe the best way to mark the anniversary is... Continue Reading