Critical Home Repair

Critical Home Repair is a nation-wide effort to serve low-income homeowners who struggle to maintain a safe and healthy home. Critical Home Repair will focus on both exterior and interior home repair services such as roofs, wall repairs, floor systems, heating and air-conditioning replacement, electrical and plumbing repairs and handicap accessibility issues.

Critical Home Repair uses volunteers, donated materials and no-interest loans to make repairs affordable. This helps low-income homeowners to live independently and securely in their homes. Homes are selected based on the greatest need and the ability to complete the scope of work with the help of volunteers. The willingness of homeowners to participate in the repair of their home and other Habitat for Humanity homes is crucial for selection.

The Critical Home Repair program does not give hand outs, but is aimed to provide assistance to families in need. Homeowners are expected to help with the improvements done to their home. This can include roof and gutter replacement, driveway and sidewalk repair, furnace/water heater installation, plumbing or kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Safety, security, accessibility and weatherization are all addressed when repairing each home in order to ensure the quality and longevity of our work. 

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