The Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative is designed to pursue Alachua Habitat's strategy to transform and strengthen communities so that those in need of decent, affordable housing can grow into all that God intends for them. This can include families that live in distressed neighborhoods, have a low household income, were victims of disaster, or are living with a disabled person.

Our neighborhood revitalization process involves taking existing structures or ones that have been abandoned and renovating them to improve the homeowners standard of living. The improvement of a single home leads to increased value and level of opportunity in the surrounding neighborhood. Common improvements made on a rehab house include replacing the roofing, insulation, and ductwork, as well as improving the quality of water and electric utilities. 

Alachua Habitat's Home Rehabilitation program and other housing initiatives offer Habitat an opportunity to achieve several goals:

  • Serve more families
  • Initiate partnerships with government and municipal entities
  • Partner with the community to curb the degradation of neighborhoods
  • Collaborate with other community organizations
  • Provide affordable, safe and energy efficient/green homes.