Santa Fe College's Charles R. Perry Construction Institute

Alachua Habitat's partnership with Santa Fe College's Charles R. Perry Construction Institute facilitates the training of construction professionals and assists in Alachua Habitat's mission to provide affordable housing in our community.

The homes are built at the college in collaboration with Santa Fe College students, apprentices and instructors from the Builders Association of North Central Florida (BANCF) Apprenticeship Program, the Student Builders Association, and Alachua Habitat volunteers.

The homes are built in two sections and each section is transported separately. When construction is complete and it is ready to move, each section is jacked up and loaded by crane onto a trailer and then slowly transported to the home site. At the home site, a crane then lifts each of the home sections off the trailer and sets them into place on the home's foundation. After the home is in place, a front porch, back porch, driveway and landscaping are added before final completion.

Home construction at the college gives the students hands-on experience in their Construction Management Techniques I and II courses as part of the established curriculum

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